Police officer facing jail after having sex with crime victim in station’s disabled toilet

Photo: Credit The Independent

By Maya Oppenheim

A police officer could be sent to prison after having sex with the victim of a crime in his station’s disabled toilet.

PC Christopher Wilson, who is based in Cornwall, asked the woman if she wanted to “get with a man in uniform” after approaching her when she was reporting a crime she had experienced. The 43-year-old officer told her sex inside the police station was “the naughty bit which makes it more exciting”.

Exeter Crown Court was informed she followed him into the unisex disabled toilet in Launceston in Cornwall where they had sex. Mr Wilson sent sexual messages to the woman after she departed the police station, Mr James le Grys, who was prosecuting, said.

The officer, who is based in a pretty town in southeast Cornwall called Saltash, confessed to carrying out misconduct in public office. It was likely the officer, who is currently suspended from Devon and Cornwall Police, would be sent straight to prison when he came back for sentencing in January, Judge Timothy Rose told him.

”You must understand that the most likely outcome of this case is an immediate prison sentence,” he said. “Obviously, the court will consider other options but I don’t want to mislead you. You must come back realising that prison is very high on the agenda.”

Susannah Stevens, defending, said Mr Wilson had not thought the woman would come behind him into the toilet during the incident which took place on 2 December last year. She said: “He should have just been taking a statement from her. He accepts he instigated the sexual comments.” “He wilfully misconducted himself in a manner that it debased public trust by having sexual activity with a complainant to a criminal offence while on duty and responsible for the proper investigation of her allegation,” the full charge says.

Source: The Independent