President Farmajo decision Kismayo faces humanitarian crisis following the ban on direct flights

Photo/Somali Times

Kismayo, Official says the Federal government of Somalia has devised a plot to frustrate the leadership of the state. Among the plots that Mogadishu has devised according to the state leadership is cut off aid and restricting airplane movements. In a statement, the leadership said the humanitarian situation was worsening with the restrictions, a plot President Farmajo’s government. last month, banned all direct flights to the region, a move that has affected aid delivery.


Mr. President,Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo Somalia receives upward of a billion dollars annually in aid, yet Transparency International has ranked Somalia as the world’s most corrupt country for well over a decade, more corrupt even than Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Yemen and Afghanistan. “Bribery, stealing of public funds, and profiteering by authorities is an everyday fact of life” in Somalia, it found.