President Farmajo’s office says two years-extension could take two months.

Photo/Somali Times

The Somali President office has for the first time said that an extension could take place in the country, which has been strongly warned by political stakeholders, which could lead to further political turmoil.

Somali presidential information director Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed, said a technical extension could take two months. Recounts hinted that extension may come, he said ‘defect mechanism on the election of the’ time is expected to be the federal government and regional administrations to negotiate some kind of election in the country, which avoided troubled engaged in Villa Somalia.

The director noted that the extension could be two or three months, with Farmajo believed to want more, although it was unclear how Villa Somalia’s plan would work, despite strong opposition from political stakeholders.
The term of office of the president is four years, and elections must take place every four years. Defects may be caused by a two- or three-month delay, and that has happened in the past, ”he said. The speech comes after a warning extension, which is believed to drive the Villa Somalia and ousted the Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire,