President Farmajo’s two year extension plan in office

Photo/Somali Times

Recently, a consultative meeting between the federal government and regional administrations concluded in Dhusamareb, which focused on a number of issues, including elections. President Farmajo, who is believed to be at the forefront of Villa Somalia’s plan to extend the term, said at the Dhusamareb conference that he was ready to discuss the country’s elections.

Farmajo’s also said at the opening of the Dhusamareb conference that he was not opposed to any other type of election, although he was moving forward with Villa Somalia’s extension plan, arguing for one-person-one-vote’ election. He called on the Somali community not to be discouraged, as he noted that they will compromise with the country’s leaders, after many consultations from all sides, as he put it.

The president stressed that the talks between the federal government and the regional leaders will fail, which could lead to major damage to the process. Critical arguments about the election. President Farmajo and Prime Minister Khaire two year extension plan,

The ongoing dispute between the central government and the federal member states, constantly tested by terrorist attacks, no clarity who is eligible to vote, no proper identification, Lack of law in district boundaries and how residents in the capital Mogadishu will be represented and the lack of a fully codified and implemented constitutions, which together makes impossible the pathway to one-person-one-vote’ election.