President Hassan Sheikh says Egypt–Ethiopia conflict is nothing to do with Somalia

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud says they do not need Egypt’s support to Somalia, Somalis needs to support themselves.

Somalia president Hassan Sheikh receiving Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli on Thursday. Mohamoud Madbouli paid a visit to Mogadishu on Thursday to attend the inauguration ceremony of new Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the tenth president of Somalia.

Somalia should not involve the current Egypt–Ethiopia conflict over the River Nile is a result of politicization and securitization of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile, and Egypt’s opposition to the project over its water security.

Ethiopia began the GERD project on the Blue Nile in 2011 to boost electricity generation and support agricultural development by regulating the Nile’s flow. In a country where almost three-quarters of the population lacks access to electricity, the estimated 6,000 megawatts annually of electricity the dam is expected to generate would prove huge.

Somalia is not Egypt’s neighbour, Somalia neighbour is Ethiopia they live in peace the current Egypt–Ethiopia conflict has nothing to do with Somalia.