Ex-spy chief Fahad Yasin says Ahmed Madobe is a foreign project planted in Somalia

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia former spy chief Fahad Yasin says Ahmed Madobe is a foreign project planted in Somalia.

Former Somali intelligence director Fahad Yasin in an exclusive interview lashed out at the Jubaland Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe, calling it a foreign project planted in Somalia.

Fahad Yasin, with an angry look on his face, described Ahmed Madobe as a cancer in Somali politics and believed that the day he left the country would improve.

Fahad Yasin said Ahmed Madobe had fought against all Somali presidents behind Abdiqasim Salad Hassan. He also accused Somali interests of not sitting in the seat.

“We have said many times to Kenya, let Somalia go, let Jubaland go. Whatever you need from Jubaland, contact Mogadishu. I even reached out to Kenyan officials to say, tell Ahmed Madobe, your president is Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. It is not Kenya. His respect for Kenya is more important than Somalia,” he said.

Fahad Yasin said they had tried several times to talk to Ahmed Madobe about Somalia’s interests, but he said it did not work out, he said.

Fahad said the reason Somalia cut ties with Kenya was Kenya’s interference in Jubaland. He said Kenya was keeping Ahmed Madobe in the seat to further its own interests, according to the statement.