The president returns to the country after attending the Arab League summit

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, attended the Arab League Summit in Al-Dahraan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this morning. The president met with the Arab leaders, the concrete achievements of Somalia over the past year, and the crucial plans for the Arab League to work with the Somali Federal Government to reunite the country, the country’s recovery.

Arab leaders, President has reminded the importance of unity and solidarity, as a critical stage in their area, the only way to overcome the kind of is cohesion and each country independence and maturity.

The President demanded the Arab League to undertake the commitments and decisions made by the former Somalia’s supporters and the Somali goods to facilitate Arab markets, to repatriate the former Arab League members in the country and to encourage entrepreneurs Arab to invest in Somalia,  Meanwhile, other leaders who spoke at the summit also mentioned in their speeches on Somalia, saying they are always supportive of the Somali government and the people of Somalia.