Bosaso President calls UAE continue its mission in Somalia

Bosaso- Mr, Abdiweli  Gaas on Monday called on United Arab Emirates  to continue to help Somalia in training and military support barely a day Abu Dhabi disbanded its mission in Somalia.
Mr Gaas. interests signed Bosasso port without consultation with the public and elders to DP World.30 years
Speaking to local media in Bosaso, Gaas said UAE has played a memorable role in Somalia’s force rebuilding process.Mr Gaas accusing social media fake news all sorts of things, Mr Gaas. is only interested he is own benefit Making the money Bari region, Somalia need good direction since 1991 Somalia is best to become again great Somalia again.

“UAE is a strategic partner in the fight against terrorism, against Piracy, against illegal fishing, illegal human trafficking in Somalia and particularly Bari region. The UAE has trained and equipped more than 2000 force Bari Marine Police Force” said Mr. Gaas.

“We expect that UAE will continue its support of this forces. without them (the forces), there will be security challenges in Bari region. and will only help our enemies particularly Al-Shabab and ISIS. We asked our UAE to redouble its efforts and to help Somalia in the fight against terrorism,” he said.The sentiment comes hours after Somali government hinted the release of the 9.6 million saying it received a satisfactory response from the government of UAE barely a week after Somali officials the amount stashed in three unmarked bags.

In a statement, Somali Foreign ministry said Somali government will work hand-in-hand with UAE in the utilization of the funds.after lengthy deliberations between the  Adan-Ade International Airport on 8th April 2018, the UAE has explained the purpose and the utilization of the funds,” reads the statement “The Federal Government will work together with UAE on their utilization.”

Somali Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Ahmed Isa Awad who spoke to the media confirmed that talks between top leaders of the countries over the tensions but did not say when and where.