Prime Minister Khayre met French Ambassador to Somalia

Mogadishu- The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia met French Ambassador to Somalia Mr  Antoine Sivan and his delegation.

The meeting held in the office of the Prime Minister, officials from talking to each other and strengthen cooperation between the two countries and contribute to the country  stability, economic development and welfare of the country.
French Ambassador to Somalia  Mr Antoine Sivan congratulated the government on the progress it has made and how it would be tolerated in long-term credits in Somalia, which will enable it to flourish in developed countries if the debt is forgiven.
Somali Prime Minister  Khayre said his government has worked hard to strengthen and stimulate a number of financial, Amnesty, anti-corruption and anti-terrorism operations.

“Somalia is not only necessary to support the currency, but they want to be employed as  pass loans. It also creates health, education and modern roads for its citizens. Prime Minister said.
The Prime Minister said the government’s agenda to open the way forgive the debts of the country, and it suggested that the French had taken as an important part of the world to show the recovery and stability in Somalia, to international invest in Somalia.