Prime Minister Roble says, ”We must unite against the evil Al-Shabaab terrorists working for foreign interests.”

File Photo/Somali Times

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble today strongly condemned the terrorist attack in the Waberi district in Mogadishu. ”I condemn the terrorist attack on the Waberi district’s police station. I offer my condolences to the families and the people of Somalia for the loss of lives and property. May God have mercy on the dead and heal the wounded,” he said in a statement Prime Minister Roble.

Prime Minister Roble said the act is a clear example of how they do not respect the holy month of Ramadan, killing innocent Somalis whilst working for foreign interest. ‘‘We must work together to fight terrorism that prevents our people from living in peace,” he said.

An explosion was heard in most districts of Mogadishu, killing the two commanders of Waberi police station in Mogadishu. Ahmed Bashane, the commander of Waberi police station and the deputy commander Abdi Abdullahi, were killed in the blast.