Protest against Governor of Puntland Abdiwali Gas in Bosaso

Bosaso- Somali Times . The Protest against Governor of Puntland Abdiwali Gas in Bosaso.The provincial capital of Bari region on Friday. Clan leader Abdikadir Ahmed Xarago, in the Bari region, was arrested today in the town of Bosaso, where Puntland authorities have not yet commented .

The protesters are demanding that freedom of movement be restored and the arrest and repression of the innocent people. Also, Abdikadir Ahmed Xarago, a number of times, have been detained in the Bari region, which is a source of security for most of the government’s policies.

People fed up Governor Abdiwali Gaas as we investigate Governor Abdiwali Gaas stole public funds $ 70 million US Dollar property own Mr Gaas’ 4 houses.Washington Virginia 6 houses Dubai 7 houses, Nairobi the election, which will select the next Presidential election in January of 2019. People of Puntland will be free of Abdiwali Gaas and his henchman.