Saudi government detain imam of the mosque’s Makkah Al Mukaramah

Saudi Arabia has not yet commented on Sheikh Salah al-Talib, one of the imams of the mosque’s Makkah Al Mukaramah, which was thrown into prison this week. Sheikh al-Talib is also a magistrate in Makkah and has been widely talked about his detention after he addressed this week’s talk about the new plan of the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman.

The cleric criticized the decision of the Royal Society to allow women and men to participate in celebrations and events, which were introduced by Mohamed Bin Salman.
Although the cleric’s supporters in the Saudi Kingdom did not criticize Mohammed Bin Salman or the country’s ruler, it is believed that his last speech was due to the fact that he had been successful. The tutorial on this blog has also been removed.

It is not the first priest to shut down the Saudi government and there are still many allegations that the government has links with some of the Muslim Brotherhood, while others have been criticized by the Saudi Kingdom.
Last year, the prisoner was arrested by a number of clerics who he saw as opposed to his plan and some others published a critics’ criticism of the Royal Family. Among the members of last year detained Safar al-Hawali published a book on the relationship between Israel and the Royal Family.

Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have long been an alliance, having agreed on each other for support, but since the appointment of Mohamed bin Salman, this has changed, since MBS he wants to completely change the rules and laws of that country.