Puntland President rejects Villa Somalia request not to attend the inauguration of Jubaland President


Bosaso, Somali Times, The provincial capital of Bari region, on Monday for an hour-long meeting with Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni. and Somali federal government Ministers met with President Deni, all from originated Puntland, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Isse Awad, Minister of Planning, Jamal Hassan Mohamed, Minister of Fisheries, Abdullahi Baysan Warsame and other members.

According to confirmed sources, reliable, President Deni proposal to resolve the dispute between the Puntland and the Federal government, They also demanded that Puntland doesn’t participate in the inauguration of Jubaland President Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam, which is expected to take place soon in Kismayo.

President Deni as sources’ office confirmed the delegation said that the government is always ready to dialogue to resolve the conflict between Villa Somalia if real dialogue on all issues in dispute are on both sides. However, he rejected their proposal not to attend the inauguration of Jubaland president, Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam, and he made it clear that Puntland will not ask anyone to attend the inauguration. -and that.

The Somali Federal ministers are expected to return to Mogadishu today.