Roble steals 6 million dollars from Somali national bank-sources say

File Photo/Somali Times

According to reliable sources Somali officials told Somali Times Mr Mohamed Hussein Roble steal 6 million dollars from the Somali national bank. This happened 6 months ago. Since Roble come to the office he has been stealing government funds. Our sources added Roble was working with the UN IOL base in Hargeisa which they deport him he have been stealing.

That was the reason he has been deported from Hargeisa. Somali Times has seen the deportation documents.

According to Somali officials, land registry told Somali Times Prime Minister Roble, his brother and members of his family so far we have documented between them, they stole more than 20 properties and most of them are in Mogadishu. The sources add most UN backhand contract Roble awarded his family.