Saudi actress calls for prisoners to be used to test coronavirus vaccines

Saudi actress Maram Abdulaziz, 7 April 2020 [Alroeya/Twitter]

Saudi actress Maram Abdulaziz has sparked controversy after calling for prisoners to be used as guinea pigs to test new medicines to combat the coronavirus.

On Twitter Abdulaziz wrote that if it was up to her, she would not waste money on “food and drink” for detainees; especially the ones held on security grounds; instead she proposed to use them instead of mice and monkeys to test new medication “even if the results aren’t guaranteed”.

“This would serve as punishment for them but would also benefit the state,” she added. The actress’s remarks sparked angry reactions on social media with many calling to hold her accountable for her inhumane remarks which go against human rights and all international laws. Despite the backlash, the Saudi actress tweeted later saying she insists on her opinion before making fun of her critics.

Source: Middle East Monitor