Turkish government transfers Somalia to a land to build an embassy

Somalia’s ambassador to Turkey Mr Jama Said has said that five months ago, Turkey’s foreign affairs ministry was in charge of the land, and that was the time for the land assessment and law.
The embassy in Somalia has a 5,000-square-meter two-inch jam in Inkk, opposite the University of Ufuk University in Ankara.
Also, this new land is located within one of the  embassies of the, and if the construction is to be the most
country in Turkey.
Somalia’s ambassador to Ankara who was accompanied by Minister of Fisheries Minister visits Turkey and other officials toured the embassy received recently and is expected to be built.
The construction of the Turkish embassy in Turkey is now a small rented building and has been operating in the last seven years.
Finally, the Government of Somalia has already given the Turkish embassy to Mogadishu in the town of Abdulaziz near the coast of Lido, built on the main building of an embassy .