Security forces close key roads in Mogadishu

Photo/Somali Times

Somali police forces this morning closed some of the main roads in Mogadishu, disrupting the movement of public and private vehicles. Troops in armored vehicles closed several roads connecting the Wadnaha & Maka Al-Mukarama roads which are important for public use.

Reports say that the forces are blocking the roads with all kinds of vehicles, with only pedestrians allowed.

The closure of these roads is due to today’s sensitive parliamentary session, which has been banned by some lawmakers. This has also had a huge impact on the people of Mogadishu.

”Security forces have even barred student vehicles from crossing closed roads. People of all ages are walking. Everyone is asking why they are being roads closed but everyone is saying something. There has been a delay in staffing. Students and people are going to health centers,” said a resident.

Most security forces stop movement on the streets during major conferences or international delegations arriving in Mogadishu.