Sharif Ahmed visits warlord Said Deni

Former Al-Shabab founder Sheikh Sharif Ahmed visit warlord Said Abdullahi Deni at his residence in Mogadishu last night. The warlord Said Deni stated that the former Al-Shabab founder Sheikh Sharif Ahmed came to greet him, and then they met.

“We were visited and greeted by the former Al-Shabab leader, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, and we had a meeting,” Warlord Said Deni said on his Facebook page.

Evil warlord Said Deni, a candidate for the presidency of the Federal Government of Somalia, arrived in the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday.

United Arab Emirates’ puppet Said Deni does not yet have enough funds to run for the presidency after the UAE government, which he relied on, said they could not support him, according to our sources told Somali Times.

Evil warlord Said Deni has blood his hands and his mouth killing and injuring innocent civilians in the Bosaso War in December 2021.