Somali businessman’s abduction in Nairobi, Eastleigh was caught on CCTV

The family of a Madrassa teacher is in distress after their kin was abducted by armed men minutes to midnight in the busy streets of Eastleigh, Nairobi County.

The abduction conducted by men in a white double cabin was captured by CCTV cameras in Eastleigh. The gunmen pointed their firearms at the man who was in the company of a friend and bundled him into the vehicle, according to Kenyans reported.

From the footage, the friend was depicted running in a different direction fearing for his safety. Onlookers dared not come close to the scene only approaching after the vehicle sped off.

Speaking to the press on Saturday, the family revealed that the 40-year-old was a refugee from Somalia. They stated that they last saw him that morning when he left for morning prayers at 5.30 am.

His family complained that despite filing a report at the local police station, nothing had been done yet. The teacher was kidnapped on November 14 and efforts to trace him have proved futile.

“We have even made reports to detectives at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), they came to the scene of the incident, watched the clip, and left. They did not even take a copy of the footage,” one of the relatives complained.

Two weeks later, the family has no clue where their kin is and has no hope of getting assistance from law enforcement officers.

Some of the relatives believe that he was abducted by police officers but were puzzled since they knew him as a law-abiding citizen. They pleaded with the officers to at least present him in court if he had broken any law.

According to the friend who was with the victim when he was being kidnapped, his abductors did not state the reason for their action.

He added that they were on their way home when the vehicle ambushed them.

His family was concerned that passersby did not offer any help to rescue the victim from the abductors. They questioned why Kenyans have normalised abductions.

His case comes in the wake of mysterious abductions in the country with over three cases reported in recent months.

Some of the major abductions that made headlines include that of billionaire Jaswant Rai who was also abducted by men in a white double cabin and businesswoman Ann Njeri Njoroge.