Somali students who were forced to join the Russian army-sources say

Reservists drafted during the partial mobilisation smoke next to buses as they depart for military bases, in Sevastopol, Crimea September 27, 2022. Photographer Alexey Pavlishak/Reuters

One of the Somali students living in Belarus has given more information about the situation of young Somalis men and women, who are currently suffering in Russia, Belarus and Poland.

The Somali student who spoke to Kulmiye Radio revealed that the Somali people are facing a difficult situation, and some of them have joined the Russian army.

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“Brothers, there are many problems here, especially in the countries of Russia and Belarus, there are many young Somalis who fled the country and sought life in European countries, but they have many problems, the most people are suffering on the border of Belarus and Poland. ” said the Somali student.

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He also added, “These Somali people include Somali women, children and young people currently, there are Somali women in Belarusian hospitals who have had their legs amputated because of the cold. There are others who are currently undergoing surgery.”

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While reporting on the Somali youths who were forcibly joined in the Russian army, he said that there are eight people, who he pointed out are being taken to Ukraine, to fight there.

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“There are eight young people who have joined the Russian army and are supposed to fight and will be transferred to Ukraine,” the student said again.

He also underlined that there are 60 other young people who are imprisoned in the capital of Moscow, and they may be included in the Russian army.

“These young people, if we do not reach those who are in prisons, according to the information I have now, there are 60 young people who are locked up in the prison in the capital of Russia, and they are likely to be included in the army, if they are not reached by the government of Somalia,” he said.

Finally, he accused the Somali embassy of being slow to deal with the Somali people, and he sent a message to the federal government, calling on them to immediately come to the aid of the Somali youth who are facing problems, who wanted to immigrate to the countries of the continent. Europe.