Somali Defense Minister meets with US, EU and Turkish officials


Mogadishu – Somali Defense Minister of the Republic Federal  Government  Somalia. Mr Hassan Mohamed Ali. Authoritative today met officials from the US how Somalia, the European Union and officials of training camp training Turkisom armed forces in Somalia.
The meeting was addressed issues acceleration efficiency and equipping the Somali security forces and preparing for the departure of the force which is called the transition plan.

Mr Hassan Mohammed of the Ministry of Defense said to media, the meeting also discussed plans on working together in this and do not have the Department of Defense and other agencies to help rebuild the army of the country.
The meeting, which took several hours, the two sides agreed on the importance of the reconstruction plan of the Ministry of Defense Army led by ordained to work together in.

The defence minister of Somalia, Hassan Ali. Authoritative later since the position is usually to take greater responsibility on how to fruition plan to rebuild the Somali security forces, meetings repeated this to deal with all aspects of the activity.