Somali Deputy Prime Minister Opens Diaspora Conference in Istanbul

Photo/Somali Times

Istanbul, Somali Times Somali Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs; Mahdi Mohamed Guled, officially opened a new Somali diaspora in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The lasts for four days, was talking re-negotiate, trade and environmental issues, with a particular focus on the challenges and opportunities that can benefit from.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that it was important for the diaspora to double their role in rebuilding the country, trade and local development. The Somali diaspora is competing with Somali from around the world, and is expected to produce results and recommendations for the future of Somali society. The Somali People around the world, especially Somali East African Diaspora Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania but they are more than welcome to invest Somalia. Somalia belongs to the  Somali people should build a better place that all Somalian’s benefit the Somali resources Somalia is one of the richest countries in the world Somalia has an oil, gas, minerals, agriculture, sea longest in Africa maritime.

The calamities sent millions of Somalis fleeing abroad to neighboring African countries and as far as the United States, Europe. The war resulted in a Somali community diaspora with a population of over three million, The rebuilding of Somalia has been a progress largely aided by the Somali diaspora. The strides in Somalia’s development can also be seen in members of the diaspora that have returned to Somalia.