The Somali Finance minister is good example, economic growth

Moqadishu– Every government must work on the basis of the financial system and program funding for the community and other funding sources for development projects shared with interested countries or close friends of those governments.
Somali government at this time was born into the desire of the community, succeeded in preparing and presenting a financial program that could bring people together with local and international government finances to eliminate suspicious activity, lane and misery of nationalism.
The planned financial system has now been able to come up with an increase in funding, especially in the last months of this year in March and April, and this has resulted in the improvement of revenue stream.

The Ministry of Finance, which is leading the Minister of, Beyle, appears to be vigilant and effort to bring to justice and accountability in this momentous momentum for the community in the
The Ministry of Finance’s financials, especially in the context of economic growth, is seen to be a challenge for the country to take credit, and it is hoped to begin collecting taxes and still maintaining the public’s hands.
To get economic growth during the current than it is to other government agencies and the communities and together they stand as the Ministry of Finance to provide support looga performing operations on the scale and improve the collection of tax payments.
It is true that the Somali government is committed to finding the right income for the health tax collection in the country, so that the Somali government has an invaluable opportunity for those who have not
A loyal government that is willing to share the Fund’s financial services to the nation, it can motivate the true account based on the knowledge of the country’s financial system, where it is necessary for the public to access or monitor they are going to have to pay taxes on the taxpayer’s money and to get the economy financed correctly
If domestic revenue is collected in a systematic manner and managed properly, it is safe to assume that there is a shortage of interest rates on the ministries, and for a year and a half to wait for the government.
Finally, the country needs honest people who work for the public interest, such as the Minister of Finance, but do not need to work or abuse the public property.