Somali fisheries minister meets with Turkish officials

Ankara, Turkey, a delegation led by the Minister of Fisheries and Natural Resources of the Republic of Somalia, Mr Abdirahman Mohamed Abdi  and other officials and they have held separate meetings with officials
Turkey’s Minister of Finance Mr. Nihat Zeybeci and International Development Corporation Tika Dr Serdar Cam.
The Minister discussed with the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Turkey Nihat Zeybeci during a conference on the development of fisheries in Somalia, as the Somali government has made considerable use of the resources of the country, so that the Somali government and regional governments benefit from the resources of the country he says, jobs creation for unemployed youth living in the country.
Also Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdi  and the head of the International Development Agency Tika Dr Serdar Cam discussed the issue of TiKa’s assistance to the fisheries industry in Somalia and implement domestic fisheries industry In Somalia, they are benefiting from the Somali community’s resources.
TIKA Director Dr Serdar welcomed the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the many projects in Somalia and its resources in the country.