Somali Minister, Fisheries and Marine resources admitted fishing license has been given 31 Chinese Companies

The Minister of Fisheries & Water Resources of the Republic of Somalia, Abdullahi Bidhaan Warsame has admitted today 13, Jan , 2019 the recent developments in the Ministry of Fisheries.

A press conference in Mogadishu today addressed the ministry’s commitment to improving the operations. “The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the Federal Government of Somalia has launched the first phase of the licensing fishing license and has started 31 companies in China who are in need of a large amount of Tuna fish.”. Said the minister.

The minister also said the ministry is planning to look for our wealthy fish resources and the marketing of our neighboring countries and other countries in the world. .
Mr. Abdullahi Bidhaan Warsame, the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Resources, added that there was no indication that the ministry had issued licenses by the Federal Government, which is contrary to the Parliament’s Fishing Law.