The Somali foreign deputy minister was suspended by Prime Minister due to corruption

Mogadishu – Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire has suspended Deputy Foreign Minister, Mukhtar Mahad Daud over misuse of public funds, stepping up his fight against corruption amongst his cabinet. Last week, Police officer stormed the office of Mr Daud after a court issued an arrest warrant. The arrest Mr Daud, who is facing alleged corruption scandal in the ministry was suspended after Prime Minister Kheire intervened in the

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire suspends Deputy Foreign Minister, Mukhtar Mahad Daud, to give enough time the ongoing investigation into alleged corruption against Mr Daud,” the statement reads in part. Last Saturday, Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir accused Mr Daud of “stealing public funds”. The deputy foreign Minister was blamed for using the office for personal interest. Mr Dahir said that there was a four-month-long investigation into alleged corruption levelled against Mr Daud. The government of Somalia has stepped up its fight against corruption