Hargeisa President Bihi Kulmiye Party arrested people who talk about their rights

The government of United Arab Emirates   said it has reached a mutual understanding on the controversial Berbera port  agreement with the previous Corrupt Somalia Federal government.Mr Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke and Mr,Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
The UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Anwar Mohamed Gargash said his government informed the previous Somali government of the port agreement.
The evening of Thursday night, 19 April 2018 Hargeisa . Police in Hargeisa arrested King .Osman Aw-Buam-black, in one of Hargeisa’s hotels.

Human Right Watch.based in Hargeisa has called on Hargeisa authorities to Somali poet and activist, Miss Naema Ahmed Qorane to be release .
We urge the government of Hargeisa to respect its own constitution. We are also very concerned .
The leader of Hargeysa’s opposition party Mr. Abdirahman Irro has called on the state’s President Mr.Muse Bihi to immediately step down on treason charges.

Mr . Irro who leads the opposition Waddani party has run for the presidency last year and lost to Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi from the ruling Kulmiye party.People of North Somalia want to know the truth what happend to Barbera deal.

Russia is in talks with breakaway Somali region, Hargeisa, to set up a naval base of at least 1500 men outside Zeila, a city near the border with Djibouti to offer support to warships and submarines patrolling the strategic stretch of coastline.
North Somalia and are close to an agreement the Russian media say. Russia reportedly has offered $ 250 million US dollars in investment.