Somali Government Progress Activities in the past week

Mogadishu, 03 September 2017 – H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) briefed the media on the progress activities undertaken by the Federal Government of Somalia in past week.

HE Minister Yarisow noted the main progress activities in this period, which included:

Somali Government implements the Internet Management Center

26/08/2017 – The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, HE. Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar) participated an occasion to cut the ribbon of the new Internet Center for Government Institutions which was launched by the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Technologies. This occasion participated the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Technologies, and his vice minister, The Minister Of Higher Education, The Vice Minister Of Constitutional Affairs. The Engineers confirmed that the speed of the internet is very high and very faster than before. This is part of the government policy to improve its efficiency and helps to better coordinate internally.

Somali Cabinet Approved the National Statistics Bill.

25/08/2017 The Minister of Planning & Economic Development presented the cabinet with a statistical legislation proposal and after the cabinet members debate and discussed, they voted in favor unanimously and approved. This law is very importance to the country’s good governance and will soon be created the National Statistics Office that is independent in order to enhance the collection of statistics in the country, which will greatly improve the economical development of the country. The Statistics office will address significant issues for the preparation of the country’s development plans and many other issues.

The Ministry Of Interior Has Held a Conference On Refugee Returnees.

28/08/2017 – The Deputy Prime Minister, HE Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar) opened the National Conference on resettlement to the country’s refugees and the internal displaced people of the Somali people. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs, especially the National Commission for Refugees and IDPs Department. The conference was attended by some of government ministers, government officials and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). At the end of the conference, they came up a statement on the issues of how to face Somali refugees and IDPs problems.

The Federal Government received full equipment to manage civil aviation

28/08/2017 The Ministry of the Land and Air Transportation received full equipment as part of its plans to control of Somalia’s airspace from the country. This equipment has been transferred to the ministry by the ECAO. It is complete equipment to be controlled the Aviation Airbase of Somalia. As soon as possible The Federal Government of Somalia will control the airspace of Somalia. It was fully prepared by the place to re-install this equipment, and air management employees those are working in Kenya now will be deployed to Somalia and their base will be permanent in Somalia.

Minister of Constitution provided progress update on the review of the Provisional Constitution

30/08/2017 – The Minister of Constitutional Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia HE Abdirahman Hosh Jibril has provided an update progress on the review of the provisional constitution and the inclusive process of consultation with all key stakeholders in the country. The Ministry has also conducted consultation process in most regions of the country. Minister Hosh also took part call in programs via Somali National TV and Radio Mogadishu where he answered questions from public as part of the public awareness campaign.

Somali Prime Minister launches Accountability initiative for answering questions from media

30/08/2017 H.E. Hassan Ali Khayre, the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia launched accountability initiative called “Talk To Your People” by answering questions from media via live televised on the progress of the government for the last 5 months or so. The Prime Minister and some of his cabinet ministers answered questions. The Prime Minister and his cabinet presented what was done since their nomination. And this new accountability initiative was called “Talk To Your People”.

Ministry of Finance held workshops on enhancing the Public Financial Management process

29/08/2017 The Finance Minister of The Federal Government of Somalia Dr Abdirahman Duale opened a conference in Mogadishu in building the capacity of Directors of Admin & Finance to 9 ministries in order to enhance the public financial management system and to ensure that all financial transactions to go to accounts directly. The Ministry of Finance implemented a transparency system to ensure all financial transactions go through via accounts as to avoid cash handling process. The workshop attended financial officers in nine ministries and the office of National Auditor General. This conference was about the improvement of finance system. Also, it was reviewing the accounts of the most functioning ministries. The past days the Ministry of Finance held meetings and training to improve the skills of the Financial Institutions of the Federal Government of Somalia to avoid any financial mismanagement or corruption.

The Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications relocated to its head-quarter in Mogadishu

29/08/2017 – Officials of the ministry of Posts & Telecommunications have been fully started up their work in the building of the ministry. This is the first time they work in the Ministry building since the collapse of the central government in 1991. Since 2014 this Ministry Of Postal Affairs And TeleCommunications resided with the Ministry Of Information building. This is a sign of the progress of institutional building in the country.

Ministry Of Finance Held In Training About National Financial Improvement.

26/08/2017 The training was attended by all the financial directors of the ministries and financial institutions of the country, it was addressing the improvement of the country’s financial system in order to ensure that the system is free from corruption and mismanagement. This will include stopping salaries paid as cash in hand. Somali Finance Minister Dr. Abdirahman Duale, pledged that all government employees and military troops and all security forces will be taken their salaries through bank account and no more cash payment in hand by the salaries and wages.