Somali government says it is committed to improving the tourism sector

Mogadishu – Warsheikh District in the Middle Shabelle region in the Somali capital, the Somali Federal Government prepares a tourist destination for the country.
The director of the Ministry of Information Ministry of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr Abdirizaq Abdi Abdullahi, who was part of the federal government who arrived in Warsheikh, said the purpose of the visit was to evaluate and investigate the districts and districts it is worth exploring to rebuild it.

District Warshiikkh was the religious center of Islam came within the country and some foreign countries, according to the president’s office, Ahmed Hussein Ahmed metabolism.
The daily living of people in Warshiikh district in Middle Shabelle depends on the Fishing, Agriculture and Livelihoods of Living , as well as tourism in the tourist season of many tourists to take on the beauty and beauty of the coast district.

Mr Abdirizaq Hussein Ahmed, known as “Shino”, is a Somali diaspora who has been fortunate to travel to the Warshi district and praises the Government of Somalia for its commitment to the development of the country, and the Somali people living abroad. encouraged them to return to their homeland and take part in reconstruction.
Federal Government’s commitment to the development of tourism in the country, and the business community needs to invest home.