Well known Somali poet Bedel has been assassinated in Mogadishu by Hawiye community-sources say

A group of Hawiye community armed with pistols has assassinated Somali poet Bedel Jama Hirsi in Mogadishu sources told Somali Times. He was killed as the poet was leaving a mosque in Kahda district for evening prayers.

It is unknown why he was killed was behind it by the Hawiye community. The assailants immediately fled the scene. He was known for his outspokenness on current political issues and was highly critical of opposition politicians.

A few days ago, he campaigned for the release of Fahad Yasin seat, calling on puppet Roble to step down. Sources say Roble and opposition politicians which most of them are Hawiye community behind the killing paying contract killing.

The poet Bedel was a well-known figure in Mogadishu. Bedel’s brother is close to former Somali spy chief Fahad Yasin, Minister of State for the Presidency Abdirahman Dheere.

Security forces have not yet released any information on the poet’s death after evening prayers.