Somali Informant Roble meets with UAE Al Maktoum family

A Photograph appear on the Internet

Somali Informant Mohamed Hussein Roble met with UAE Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to Inform as usual Roble informing Somalia government lead by decent President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo. Sources say Roble sharing sensitive information with UAE exchange millions of dollars.

Somali Times reported Roble left for the United Arab Emirates this week, Roble as informant to inform destruction Somalia to Mohamed bin Zayed. And Al Maktoum family Roble become valuable to UAE as informant sources Somali spy agency NISA told Somali Times.

Low life Mohamed Hussein Roble is desperate to sale Somalia resources which he does not have power to in agreement, Sources say Roble is discussing with UAE Somalia election 2022.

The Somali government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo as too close to Qatar and keen to protect years of investment, has deepened its relations.