Somali police chief says doubled security in Mogadishu

The commander of the Somali Police Force, Major General Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijaar said that the police force is doubling the security of Mogadishu especially on Eid days to prevent Al-Shabab from committing acts of insecurity.

The commander, who was chairing a national security meeting, said several police officers had been killed at the same time last year in attacks in Mogadishu.

The police chief said more efforts were needed to ensure election security and Eid al-Fitr, adding that anti-government groups were always trying to disrupt security.

Major General Hijar sent a message to the various government forces, urging them to work for security and a peaceful end to the country’s elections.

Hijaar’s comments came days after the Somali government’s security minister went on strike, accusing him of interfering in the election process.