Somali President appoints Suleiman Mohamed as National Attorney General

Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu, The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has appoints Mr. Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud to the position of Attorney General and sacked former Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir. The nomination came on the recommendation of Chief Justice Bashe Yusuf Ahmed, the need to accelerate judicial reforms and ensure a more transparent justice system throughout the country.

President Mohamed has directed the Government, urging the Legislative Assembly to complete the Judicial Service Commission, and to harmonize the Provisional Constitution and the rules that govern the formation of this Council, to end the judicial reform and judicial process in the country.

The President is urging the appointed Attorney General to carry out his duties in accordance with the constitution and other laws in the country, and to serve the people of Somalia fairly and justly. President Mohamed thanked former Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir for his work in the country and the efforts he demonstrated during his time as National Attorney General.