Somali Security and Police chiefs sacked following deadliest attacks in Mogadishu

Mogadishu The Somali cabinet on Sunday sacked chief of Police, Abdihakim Dahir Sa’id and Security chief, Abdulahi Mohamed Ali Sanbalolshe following the latest two deadliest attacks in Mogadishu,

Minister of Internal Security, Mohamed Abukar Islow said that twenty seven people were killed in the latest attack at Hotel Nasa-hablood two in Mogadishu, saying they arrested five suspects for the 14 October attack in Mogadishu.

Twenty seven people were killed in the hotel attack, five Al-Shabaab fighters carried out the attack, three of them are captured, Security agencies are questioning them now.

The Cabinet had an extra-ordinary meeting and debate over the latest security incident Mogadishu and agreed to fire the Security chief and Police Commissioner according to the Official

This move comes after two major attacks happened in two Weeks’s time here in Mogadishu