Somali spy agency seizes drones at Mogadishu airport

Photo/Somali Times

Somali National Security and Intelligence Forces have seized drones at Mogadishu airport. The drones, which were seized by NISA forces, numbered six and were said to be dismantling and were to be installed in Mogadishu.

The planes were purchased from Turkey and were being flown by two Turkish technicians, who were released by the NISA after the Turkish embassy intervened.

Lawmaker Zakariye Mohamoud Haji said the drones seized by NISA forces belonged to Hufan. which he said they bought for irrigation.

The drones, which were imported from Turkey, are illegally owned by Hufan, a company that specializes in pest control, irrigation and all agricultural activities. “To fight and spray Anyaha, irrigate crops and identify areas where rivers are vulnerable to flooding,” said MP Zakariye.

The lawmaker asked NISA to immediately return the assets of Hufan, which he said was intended to serve agriculture and the development of Somali farmers, to Hufan.

There was no immediate word from NISA on whether the drones had been seized.