Somalia Ali Jeyte has been elected president of the Hiran state administration

In a meeting held today in Baledweyne, the capital of Hiran region, Ali Jeyte Osman has been elected as the interim president of Hiraan State administration.

The meeting was attended by various sections of the community in Baledweyne, and Ali Jeyte Osman was elected as the temporary president of the Hiran State administration.

Also present at the election forum were members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, namely Mohamed Abduqadir Mohamed and Mohamed Abdullahi Buralle.

Ali Jeyte, who made a brief speech at the event after his election, said that he will do a lot about the inefficiency of the administration that the people of Hiran are worried about.

“We are bringing together all the communities of Hiran to build their own administration. Every day, Hiran is not counted and the leader will remove Al-Shabab. I have done a lot in terms of security, and if you elect me, I will do more.” said Ali Jeyte Osman.

The election that took place today in Baledweyne is coming, as Ali Jeyte was recently removed from the position of the governor of Hiran State, and after a few days he was elected as the interim president of Hiran State.

There is no news yet from the Hirshabelle administration regarding the election that took place in Baledweyne today, it is expected that they will release news in the next few hours.