Somalia announced 40,000 troops to take over security of the country

File Photo Somali Times/Somalia special forces

The Federal Government of Somalia has announced that it is preparing thousands of police and armed forces to take over the security of the country when the ATMIS forces leave the country in December next year.

These forces amounting to 40 thousand, 20 thousand of them will be prepared by the central government, while the other 20 thousand will be divided by 4 thousand among the administrations.

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The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, who spoke about the construction of these police forces, declared that they will be the foundation for the security of the entire country.

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“This army is responsible for the security of the whole country and the world will hand over our security to us and our security will be taken over,” said the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia.

He also pointed out that there is a need to equip these forces, and think about quality and quantity.

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“The number of police and armed forces is a desired number and it is mandatory to equip all of them in terms of quality and quantity to take over the security, and those who come to the State, as required,” Hamza Abdi Barre continued.

He also added, “It is a responsibility we are taking, and we are taking it in front of the nations.”

Somalia is currently preparing to take over the security of the entire country as the mandate of the ATMIS mission in the African Union is coming to an end.

However, the federal government, which is making efforts in this regard, has concentrated on the fight against Al-Shabab in the past year, and a large area of Somalia has been liberated from it.