Somalia-China Friendship Association founded

Mogadishu-Somalia-China Friendship Association was on Saturday established after a very colour ceremony on the foundation of this association held in the capital Mogadishu, in attendance with Somali Government officials, Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, youth and Students.

Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, H.E. Qin Jian delivered the flowing key speech at the ceremony It’s a great pleasure for me to join today’s Ceremony of Founding. The establishment of the new Somalia-China Friendship Association marks an important step forward in the friendly exchanges between the two countries. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Somalia, I would like to take this opportunity to extend warm congratulations!
China and Somalia have a long history of friendly exchanges. As early as 600 years ago, the ancient Chinese famous navigator Zheng He led fleets to Mogadishu twice. Since then, China’s porcelain, spices and other commodities have entered into Somalia, Somali myrrh, gum continuously transport to China. The hearts of the two peoples are closely linked by the ties of history.

The friendly exchanges between China and Somalia are deepening root. The two peoples are peace loving with the similar ideas, they have its own culture and history. They have created its own splendid civilization in the long history and made a positive contribution to the development of human beings. The friendship between China and Somalia has achieved fruitful results. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Somalia in 1960, China has built more than 80 projects for Somali economic development and social people’s livelihood. In recent years, China has provided humanitarian assistance with material and cash to Somalia sincerely wishes to achieve lasting peace, stability and development in Somalia.

Somalia is a country with so many potentials of development. First, Somalia is in the international important shipping channel of the Mediterranean – Suez canal – the Red Sea and its geographical position are unique. Second, Somalia is close to the Middle East and Europe, and it has its obvious advantages in India ocean. Third, Somalia is a country with a large land and plenty of sunshine and sea breeze, it has its great potential to develop wind energy, solar energy. Fourth, Somalia has more than 3300 kilometres of coastline, many natural harbours, and the development of maritime shipping is unparalleled. Fifth, the vast sea area in Somalia, abundant fishery resources and broad prospects for developing ocean economy, blue economy and maritime industry. Sixth, there are abundant labour resources and young people account for a higher proportion of the population in Somalia. Seventh, Somalia has its own rich resources of tourism and is an ideal place for the development of the tourism industry.

Eighth, the mobile payment system in Somalia is well developed and has a good foundation for the development of the ICT industry. Besides, Somalia has its own huge overseas patriotic compatriots, they are an important force from overseas investment to Somalia. The most important is the Somali people are diligent, intelligent and creative. Somalia is a country full of hope, and bright prospects in the future.

China is a sincere and friendly partner of Somalia and has long supported the Somali peace, development and prosperity, and has made unremitting efforts to this end. After 40 years of reform and opening up and development, China has accumulated rich experience in development. China is willing to share with Somalia, so as to promote common development of two countries.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched the Belt and Road Initiative to provide important opportunities for countries, including Somalia. China will uphold the spirit of peace, cooperation, openness, transparency, inclusiveness, equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect by strengthening cooperation on the basis of extensive consultation and the rule of law, to promote the economic and social development of two countries, and benefit two peoples.

Not long ago, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the opening ceremony of the eighth Ministerial Conference of the China Arab states Cooperation Forum and put forward many initiatives and practical measures on China-Arab States cooperation. It believes that this would further promote friendly cooperation between China and Somalia, and will be benefited from these initiatives by the Somali side. In this September, the Summit of China- Africa Cooperation Forum will be held in Beijing, President Mohamed will attend the Summit and visit China. China and Somalia, leaders of the two countries will jointly plan for the development of bilateral relations and push forward friendly cooperation in all fields to a new level.