Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh fails to govern

Somalia corrupt President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is facing a retreat from regional governments. Puntland, Jubaland, Galmudug and South West all their leaders are criticizing in different ways how the process started with the new system, Hassan Sheikh fails to govern.

Hassan Sheikh returned to power as the regional authorities and Villa Somalia did not have a positive cooperation.

For the central government to get all the friendship and cooperation of the five regional governments is a very serious task. The administrations retreated from President Hassan Sheikh after he failed in the process of managing the drug trade with Kenya contract, the formation of the government and the appointment of important senior positions.

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Read: Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh history of corruption 2012-2017

The authorities who have taken the measures taken by the new government see them as an invasion. For example, the fact that child rapist murderer Al-Shabab leader Mukhtar Robow became Minister of Religion. Hassan Sheikh insulting the victims, rewarding and protecting the criminal Mukthar Robow.

Somalia spy chief Mahad Salad is Al-Shabab terrorist group member Hassan Sheikh reward him with job NISA Somali spy agency.

President Hassan Sheikh has spent the past few days in Garowe. In several private meetings held by Said Deni, reports say that the focus was on Said’s objections to the new system, which were mostly personal appointments.

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One of the reports received from the meeting is to hold a meeting between the federal government and the regional governments, there was a suggestion that the meeting be held in Garowe.

Villa Somalia was given the announcement of the conference while Puntland is preparing for the meeting but Galmudug and Puntland are not sure if they have accepted to be the meeting in Garowe.

In this meeting, President Hassan Sheikh wants to resolve the ambiguities between the leaders of the administrations, whether Hassan Sheikh will succeed in keeping the country together, especially the regional administrations, is a serious puzzle that can lead to success or failure.

Read: Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh history of corruption 2012-2017

Looking at where they stand at the moment, Villa Somalia does not have a regional government very close to it. Former president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo left with Galmudug, HirShabelle and South West close working with the states. Farmajo was more better than Hassan Sheikh and his cronies.

Hassan Sheikh still has a lot of time, to be apart, can cripple the jobs at the federal level and those at the regional administration level.

The heads of some administrations argue that the government was not established in a balanced way and the presidential community took the quality of the government.

This planned meeting comes as most of the heads of administrations have extended their terms of office, and how President Hassan Sheikh will deal with the issue is being watched.

It has been reported from some authorities that cooperation can be discussed but Villa Somalia has not negotiated with them during their tenure.

The first measure that is put in place is the regional authorities, to make the period of growth they have made and to satisfy cooperation requires a great strategy and a more serious acceptance.

When looking at these situations from many aspects, people often ask themselves whether President Hassan Sheikh has failed to govern.