Somalia expels two EU nationals from Germany and Poland

File Photo/Somali Times

The federal government of Somalia announced yesterday that it expelled two men born in Germany and Poland, named Jocek Jozef Ochman and Ralf Bernhard Gehlig.

The government did not officially announce at the time why two foreign men were expelled from the country, but an investigation it found out that these two officers work for the European Union office for building the capacity of government agencies known as EUCAP Somalia.

The two men were told that their dismissal was related to the case of 36 fishermen who were detained at the headquarters of the Somali Coast Guard.

The prisoners and two boats with them were captured in April, while they were on the shores of Galmudug state, and they are believed to have been fishing illegally off the coast of Somalia.

The federal government of Somalia said that the expulsion action was taken after a request from the attorney general of the country Suleiman Mohamed Mohamoud.

The request submitted by the prosecutor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia, requesting that these two men be deported.

The prosecutor’s request accused the two men of secretly taking pictures of prisoners in a military camp.

The prosecutor said in his request that the men have immunity and cannot be prosecuted, so they need to flee the country.

Local outlet media said the prosecutor and the European Union office in Somalia, but both did not respond to the request .

A few days ago, the Attorney General’s Office referred a foreign company to the Banadir Regional Court, accused of money laundering and tax evasion.

The company, Aumotaivte Managementa Service, said that the Prosecutor’s Office investigated the company and its manager in the Somalia office, after receiving a criminal report related to the company.

However, the Office has already sent a warning to all foreign companies operating in the country, especially those that do not comply with the rules and regulations of the country.