Well known Somali social media creator Captain Ayub’s welcome to Garowe results in violence and deaths

At least one civilian, a young girl, was killed and several others were injured in the violence that took place this afternoon in Garowe, the capital of Puntland.

This violence between Puntland forces and other militia forces, resulted from the welcoming of one of the popular social media creator named Captain Ayub.

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The confrontation took place after the militia forces opened fire in the Garowe square, where Ayub Abdirisak, known as Captain Ayub, is well known on social media and is a supporter of President Said Deni.

Other reports we have received say that the same militia group threw a mortar at the presidential palace in Puntland, but it did not hit the presidential building, and no one was injured.

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Captain Ayub was once outside the country and used to attack politicians including the son of Senator Abdirahman Farole named Mohamed Farole, who is currently one of the candidates for the presidency of Puntland.

In the last few days, there were reports that he was told that he could not come to Garowe, and that he could not be welcomed. It is the one that is thought to be at the root of the violence that happened today in Garowe.

However, while Garowe has already had a crisis between Said Deni and his opposition, today’s action in Garowe is believed to be the involvement of the Puntland presidency and some of the opposition groups.