Somalia: Expose governor Said Deni forging seats in the lower house

Somalia’s many candidates for Puntland’s lower house of parliament have accused the Puntland governor of blocking seats for members of his cabinet and allies.

Candidates have described it as “unfortunate” that evil warlord Said Deni, who had previously sent President Farmajo to the polls, has now closed the clan-based seats to private individuals.

They warned that this would have an impact on the future of Puntland’s unity and solidarity, calling on Deni to withdraw from parliamentary elections.

Candidates also expressed concern that the election would be held at the 54th Army Camp. They say governor Deni wants to use military force to oust his followers.

Candidates’ complaints come as elections for the lower house of parliament are set to begin in Garowe today.

According to Somali officials Said Abdullahi Deni work as an informant to foreign interests Kenya, United Arab Emirates and others. Our sources add Said Deni has been paid dirty money from UAE to destabilise Somalia and the Somali people.