Somalia government failed to protect civilians from Al-Shabab in Mogadishu

File Photo/Somali Times

People living in Kaxda, Wadijir and Dharkenley districts in Mogadishu woke up early this morning to the sound of shelling in some of those districts. These shells, whose impact was widely heard in other districts of Banadir region, are reported to have caused various losses of life and properties got damaged and were hit by mortars in parts of Mogadishu.

Somalia government lead shady president Hassan Sheikh failed to protect civilians from Al-Shabab attacking in Mogadishu.

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Some of the areas that have been confirmed to have been hit by mortars include neighborhood in Wadajir district and other neighborhoods in Kaxda and Dharkenley districts.

It is not yet known the official damage caused by the artillery fire in some districts of Banadir region, but preliminary pictures that were circulated on social media showed the destruction of houses hit by the artillery fire.

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There is no news from the security agencies of the Federal Government of Somalia regarding the damage caused by the mortars that hit parts of Mogadishu early this morning.

The Al-Shabab terrorist group often claims responsibility for the artillery attacks in Mogadishu, and it is worth noting that the artillery has caused the most damage to civilians.