Somalia: Governor Said Deni want rigged election in Bosaso 16 seats

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia: Governor Said Deni wants to take full control of security in Bosaso, where elections are expected to take place for 16 seats.

Puntland Security Force PSF Commander Mohamoud Osman Diyano, addressed a contingent of troops this morning and discussed the rift between the PSF and Puntland puppet governor Said Abdullahi Deni.

Commander Mohamoud ordered the troops not to shoot at the city and to maintain order in Bosaso.

PSF Commander Mohamoud, who spoke to Somali Times via Whatsapp said there were no reports of violence in Bosaso.

Also, the officials said that the Director ordered them to withdraw from the excavated defenses and resume their normal military duties.

According to our sources, Somali Times told Said Deni has been paid by Kenya-UAE to destabilize Somalia’s Puntland region people of Puntland most clan leaders living in Bosaso region said they are ready to protect their region aggression of puppet Said Deni.

One of the clan leaders say which we cannot name for security reasons Said Deni was born in Mogadishu and he should go back to where he came from.

The PSF forces have reportedly withdrawn from their strongholds and are now back to their bases.