Somalia has entered a hidden colony says South West state governor

Somalia South West state governor Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Lafta-Gareen

The governor of Somalia South West state Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Lafta-Gareen who addressed a ceremony held in Baidoa last night said that when Somalia was liberated from Italian and British colonial rule they were united and committed, that the people behind it live in freedom.

Lafta-Gareen described it as unfortunate that 62 years later, Somalia’s government is at a critical juncture, and that the country is in the grip of a hidden colonialism, although he did not say where the colonization was taking place.

The President of South West State of Somalia said in his speech that the youth of Somalia have been brainwashed and sent to their people, their government and their flag, conspiring to cause various problems.

Somalia is today celebrating the liberation of the northern regions of Somalia from British and Italian colonial rule and the unification of the southern regions .

Today, 62 years ago, the two regions of South and North liberated themselves from Imperial British and Italian colonial rule.

Celebrations and ceremonies to commemorate July 1, the 62nd anniversary of the independence of the Southern Regions in 1960 and the unification of the North and South, took place in Mogadishu and other places where such celebrations are regularly held.