Somalia Joins Comesa

During the one-day meeting, the Ministers and AGs adopted the Agreement for Accession of Somalia to the Comesa Treaty in readiness for the country’s admission to the regional bloc. This follows successful conclusion of negotiations between Somalia and the Comesa Bureau of the Council of Ministers that took place early this week in Lusaka. It was May 2018 when the final negotiations towards the admission of the State of Somalia to Comesa were concluded in Lusaka with the review of a draft Agreement on the country’s accession to the Comesa Treaty.

This was a result of the hard work and dedication from the Representatives of the Comesa Bureau of the Council of Ministers and that of the Somali delegation, led by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The membership of Comesa has risen to 21 following the admission of Tunisia and Somalia at the 20th Summit of the Heads of State and Government that was concluded in Lusaka, Zambia. Somalia was admitted as the 21st member of Comesa after having fulfilled the Comesa terms and conditions of accession to the Comesa Treaty.

In February 2016, the country formally wrote to the Secretary-General making enquiries on joining. Somalia was formerly a full member of the Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern Africa (PTA), the predecessor to Comesa. However, it failed to make the transition due to lack of government following a long civil war.

after the formal opening of the summit, the authority adopted the Agreement on the admission of the Federal Republic of Somalia to Comesa and admitted and welcomed the Federal Republic of Somalia as the Twenty-First (21st) Member of Comesa. Noted with appreciation the Statement of Mr Hassan Ali Khaire, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, conveying gratitude, solidarity and commitment to Comesa as well as readiness to beneficially participate in Comesa and to join the Comesa-EAC-SADC Tripartite Arrangement.

The Minister of Commerce & Industry of Somalia Mr Mohamed A Hayir is sending his gratitude to the Prime Minister Mr Hassan Ali Khaire for achieving success in the governments prioritized policy areas. The incremental progress made so far in Integrating with the International & Regional trade blocks, Public-Private Dialogue PPD, Public Finance Management PFM (especially SMP,) Civil Service Reform, Economic Growth & Taxation