Somalia military court executes two Al-Shabaab terrorist

Mogadishu-The two al-Shabaab assassins were convicted for the murder of a traditional elder in Mogadishu. The assassins identified as Ali Hassan 25, and Abdirahman Ali 22 were reportedly caught red-handed by the police after they killed elder Hilowle Heefow Hussein.

Judges of the Somali military court said Ali and Hassan, who are members of the armed group al-Shabaab was convicted of killing Hussein in Wadajir district last year. The Deputy Chairperson of Somali military court, Mohamed Abdi Mumin who was present at the scene of an execution in Mogadishu on Monday morning said the court found sufficient evidence to support the charges against the two.

They were executed by firing squad. The Somali military court handles terror-related cases, mainly against the members of the armed group al -Shabaab. The court previously sentenced several armed group members found guilty of murder and taking part in the attack against the government of Somalia. Last Sunday, the court sentenced an ex – Somali soldier to death for murder and three other suspects to three years in jail for assembling explosive devices in Baidoa, Southwest state Somalia,