Somalia President Farmajo delivered a surprise speech

Photo Somali Times/ Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo delivered a surprise speech tonight, speaking in the form of a re-election campaign, explaining the process by which his government worked during his tenure.

President Farmajo also welcomed the new election agreement reached at the National Consultative Assembly meeting in Mogadishu a day earlier, calling on leaders to abide by the agreement. In his speech, Farmajo acknowledged that state leaders were responsible for holding elections in the country.

President Farmajo spent most of his speech reporting on his government’s rebuilding of the Armed Forces, praising them for their self-sacrificing defense of the country and their struggle against terrorist groups that have a history of bloodshed and destruction. Property of the Somali people.

“Our efforts and successful plans to rebuild the Armed Forces have led to our heroic forces being able to take over the security of the country today, and we are finalizing the plan to take over the security of the country from Amisom,” said Farmajo

Farmajo also spoke about the country’s foreign policy process, which he said is based on international cooperation, respect for the dignity and sovereignty of our country, which has led to our prominence in the international arena. .

“Our independence-oriented foreign policy has led to our prominence in the international arena, as a member of the UN Human Rights Council and we have won a second term as Vice President of the General Assembly. “We are now a candidate for the Security Council of the African Union and the United Nations,” Farmajo added.

Finally, Farmajo urged the Somali people that unity and solidarity are key to our existence and national strength, and noted the role of Somali youth in the unity, governance and defense of the country.