Somalia president’s uneducated spy chief is forcing young men to serve in the military

File Photo/Somali Times

Some of the parents in Mogadishu have accused the Somali government of sending their children to military camps in Mogadishu to serve as soldiers.

These parents held a demonstration last night in Mogadishu at the Marine camp in Hamar Jajab district, where they are said to be camped with young people who are being taken outside the country for military training.

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The parents who made the rally said that they did not know when their children were registered, and where they were going. They also said that when their children asked to be handed over, they were refused and shot at.

”We want Somalia president Hassan Sheikh and uneducated spy chief Mahad Salad from our children. I am missing one son. He has been handed over. We were told that he was being forcibly recruited,” said one of the mothers who spoke to the media.

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However, the complaints of the parents are coming, these days there are reports that the government of Somalia is sending young people to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates for training and will become foreign mercenaries.

The government of Somalia has not yet responded to the complaint of the parents, as this has come at a time when the government of Somalia has returned some of the soldiers who were trained in Eritrea.