Somalia ranked world number one corrupt country

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia becomes world number one corrupt country in the world since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was re-elected in May 15th 2022. He handed over government contract tenders to his two wives and his sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, uncles and relatives. That is why Hassan Shekih is a example of corruption and that is why Somalia is still the number one corrupt country in the world.

Somalia and South Sudan are the most corrupt countries in the world, according to the latest assessment by Transparency International (TI).

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According to the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Somalia is the most corrupt country, followed by South Sudan and Syria. The CPI ranks 180 countries based on the level of corruption in public institutions, resulting in a scale of 0 corruption to 100 corruption.

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The report said that most countries have failed to stop corruption, with 95 percent making no progress since 2017.

“Democratic societies can raise their voices to help eradicate corruption and demand a safer world,” said the head of Transparency International, Daniel Eriksson.

The Transparency International described corruption as the main reason for the weakening of world peace, stressing that world peace has been deteriorating for the last 15 years.

Read: Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh history of corruption 2012-2017

Last year, South Sudanese rights activists said that politicians and government agencies had condoned corruption.

This was after the United Nations Human Rights Committee released a report showing that the South Sudanese government has embezzled 73 million dollars since 2018.

The UN report followed a major corruption scandal in which President Salva Kiir was accused of ordering his finance and economic planning minister Athian Diing to cancel a sovereign bond worth $650 million.

Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and his whole family in the past stealing Somalia public funds 10 September 2012 – 16 February 2017 more then $500 million according Somali officials told Somali Times. The time he was in office for 5 years he never paid civil servants, army forces, police and the whole ministry their wages.